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DXC Global Pass Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

DXC Technology provides a Multifactor Authentication (MFA) service to secure many corporate tools and sites, such as MyWorkStyle, Office365 and ESS/MSS Portal. The MFA service uses Symantec VIP multifactor authentication (MFA), and is easy to use with one-click mobile and desktop options to hold the MFA credentials.

Getting ready to use VIP MFA

Follow these two easy steps to set up MFA:

Step 1. Download a credential

You can either download a credential onto a Mobile App or a Desktop App. Setting up a Symantec VIP credential on your mobile device gives DXC no control over or access to your mobile device.

While the preferred authentication option is to use a mobile app, it is recommended you also download a Desktop App. This will give you the flexibility to choose which method you would like to use at any time. For example, you could use the desktop app to generate a code if you do not have access to your mobile and likewise if your PC is unavailable for any reason you can use your mobile app to generate a code and access company resources.

Follow the instructions in the table below to install VIP Access and download a credential on your mobile (listed below) or desktop (listed below right). After you install VIP Access, complete Step 2 to register the credential.

Download a credential on a Mobile App Download a credential on a Desktop App

1. Find and install the following VIP Access (Symantec) app on your mobile device from the app store:

VIP Access
  • iOS- App Store - VIP Access for iPhone
  • Android - GooglePlay - VIP Access
  • Windows Phone - Microsoft Store - VIP Access

2. Open the app to connect to Symantec VIP MFA service to pick a up a credential ID, and when prompted, say yes to allow notifications. Note: your device must be connected to the Internet to complete set-up.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 7 and above
  • MAC OS X 10.11. or higher

1. Go to the Symantec VIP website
2. Click Download and then select your OS from the options under "VIP Access for Computer"

Install VIP Access

3. Follow the prompts to run and install Symantec VIP Access on your desktop

Step 2. Register the credential shown in the VIP Access app

  1. Open the VIP Access app you just installed.
  2. In your browser, go to the to the Symantec Self Service Portal
  3. Enter your DXC Global Pass credentials (shortname/User ID and password) in the first sign in screen
  4. Click REGISTER
  5. To complete registration, in the Register Your Credential form, name your credential e.g. Charlie's VIP, then from the app, copy the credential ID (comprises 4 letters and 8 numbers) and the security code (comprises 6 numbers). Click Submit to complete.

You are now ready to use Symantec VIP MFA to sign on to an MFA protected application.

Alternative Option

Key Fob: For those users who have no mobile device or are unable to install an app on their desktop (i.e. on client equipment), there is also a key fob credential available. Go to the IT Self Help portal and search for MFA Key Fob Request in the catalog.
Don't forget to register the credential on the app following Step 2 above.

Using MFA to sign into a protected application

When you sign into an MFA protected application you will see one of two login screens.

Additional MFA Help

Contact IT support by chat on the IT self-help portal (ITConnect) for further assistance.

If you are experiencing MFA issues and cannot log in to the self-help portal, you may also contact IT support by phone